My Favorite Booktubers

In todays blog post I thought I would make a list of my favorite booktubers. I was kind of late discovering booktube as I only found out about it a couple of years ago. Some of these I have only discovered within the last 6 months while others I have been following for 1-2 years. I think it is safe to say though that I discovered many of these channels due to their TBR games. In no particular order here are my 11 favorite booktubers at the moment:

Bowties & books
I have been watching their videos for quite some time. Love to hear their thoughts on books and in particular their recommondatons. If you want recommendations with Bi, Trans and Queer representation I would highly recommend this video before watching the rest of their videos!

Really enjoy her bookblogs, but also her Bullet Journal plan with me videos. She is so creative. There is always a tonn of new books going on my TBR after watching one of her videos!

Ella’s novellas
Found Ella’s channel because of TBR suspect. Cluedo (or Clue in some countries) was one of my favorite games when I was little. Love how her sister takes part in the organization of TBR suspect and the interaction between them (even though her sister is not on screen). She has been reading quite a few of the books that are on my immediate TBR so I find it really interesting to hear her thoughts on them.

Becca and the Books
Out of the listed booktubers here I think Becca is one of the first one I started to watch regulary. Really loving her Bookopoly and weekly vlog videos!

Reading with Nori
I first discovered Nori’s channel due to her TBR Cookie Jar. Love her personality and energy in front of the camera! She is one of the booktubers I look to when I want to discover more manga, which is a relatively new genre for me.

Angus reads
Angus’ channel is one of the channels that I have discovered this spring. Love his energy in his videos! His TBR videos are always fun and I can in particular recommend watching this recommendation video:

Kayla SimplyMe
Found Kayla’s channel in June when she started her Bookbingo TBR game. Loved the videos that I have seen so far and I am looking forward to see more from her!

Kayla has so many fun videos and you never know what she will get up to next. She reads several genres, but I know if I want a thriller/mystery type of read I need to look no further for recommendations!

Codies Book Corner
Along with Becca, Codie is one of the booktubers I’ve been following for the longest time. Love her Wheel of TBR videos and weekly vlogs.

Book roast
I love G’s videos. She has previously hosted a readathon that I really loved participating in. Due to a certain author and her horrible statements though the readathon will be changed so that it is no longer associated with that particular world. Fully support G’s decision to create a new, independent world for the readathon and I am really looking forward to find out more about what she will create! 😀

Life as Monae
Last but not least I want to mention Life as Monae. I came accross Monae’s channel while planning this post. Ending up watching a bunch of her videos which is the reason why I am late publishing this post! Really enjoyed her videos and looking forward to watching more from her!

Like I wrote at the beginning of this blog post I mainly find new booktubers through their TBR games. I find them really fun and entertaining. Watching how creative people are makes me want to create my own! Might one day launch my own TBR game, but until then I will continue to enjoy these creators video and how creative they are!

Which booktubers would be on your favorite list? Would love some recommendations in the comments!

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